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Whether it be for your aircraft or related hobby, we're pretty sure to have everything you need, and if not, we can tell you where to get it.

Check out our fantastic New Catalogue released earlier this year, the Catalogue is a great little insight into our great company, our colourful history, the people that make this company tick and the range of Parts and Supplies we have available.

Building Materials

Aluminium, fibreglass supplies, every nut and bolt you need to make an Australian LightWing...

Safety wear, paints, covering supplies, airframes, fairings, wheels, brake systems, VIP Propellor, windscreens, doors, cabling, electrical, lights, seats, upholstery coverings, vinyl....

Call Howie, Nick or Terry on (02) 6686 8658 or email fly @



Our customers are a passionate and dedicated group that is constantly growing strong. Head over to the Australian LightWing Facebook Page or visit one of the many Fly-in's held regularly around Australia to stay in touch, make life long friends, share stories and share the enthusiasm for flying safely around this beautiful country of ours.


With the Australian LightWing, comes our complete service and support team, Howie, Nick and Terry are available to Australian service, advice and telephone assitance in your time zone. No overseas calls and costs. Buy Australian, Support Australian growth and business, and reap the benefits with Australian service with a smile.

Great Service

There's no call centre in a foreign country for our service and support! Call Howie, Nick and Terry to say Hi and order your parts and supplies. Drop in to the Factory in North Ballina to see where the aircraft start their journey and take an introductory training flight.

Great Advice

We've been making these aircraft for the past twenty five years, and with that history comes our complete knowledge of every single aircraft that has entered the Australian skies. We keep track of our airframes and engines, and we hope to be able to offer you advice, where ever you are, to keep you in the sky, flying safely and loving your Australian LightWing.


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