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International Enquiries

If you are from outside of Australia, we would greatly appreciate your time in filling out this form for our information. We are a family business who put a lot of time and effort into giving the best possible customer service we can, we take every enquiry seriously. So we're sure you can imagine, with the way the world is these days, how unfortunatly frustrated our efforts can be considering how much spam and scamming there is in the world today. This enquiry form helps us to really help you. We find where you're up to with pilot training, your investment pursuits and general aviation knowledge in your country. We thank you for your time and patience.

Please copy and paste this form in to your email or word program to complete in your own time with as much or little information as you prefer. Then please email to:

1. Contact information




Any other contact Details you feel we may need:

So, you are interested in becoming a distributor for our aircraft in your country!

2. Briefly describe your experience in sales, service, distribution, marketing, repair, and servicing of light aircraft. Providing clear details of any approvals you may hold, including government approvals you may hold or any sports aviation approvals you may hold, Etc. (no more than 200 words):


3. Briefly describe your flying qualifications and skills, including any skills in sports aviation, light sport aviation, ultralights, microlights, gliding, weight shift, hot air ballooning, sky diving, light aircraft. ETC.


4. Please Note: Our entire aircraft range are certified in either Sports Aviation in the Light Sport Category (LSA) or the Experimental Catergory; under Australian Regulation.
Please describe your experience in dealing with aircraft certified in these two catergories:


5. Please describe your business (i.e. Number of employees, Number of sales staff, Workshop experience, Qualifications of your staff, Etc.):


6. Do you intend visitng Australia to test fly our aircraft? (Please Note: All training for assembly of new aircraft, test flying of new aircraft, maintenance and repair, is to be carried out in Australia on a fee for service basis).


7. Please Note: We reserve the right to charge up to $250 dollars to provide and information pack for export enquiries.


Please email to:

Thank you for filling in our Questionnaire, one of our helpful team will return to your enquiry as soon as possible.