Australian LightWing

ALW Education Opportunities

To apply to study at the Australian LightWing factory:

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We are very passionate about our Education Program, we strongly encourage students and interns from High Schools, University's and all aviation enthusiasts alike, to join our team for a period and learn some of the skills involved with designing, manufacturing and flying aircraft, as well as running a small business. We aim to bring enthusiastic, motivated and educated people to help develop a positive future for the aeronautical industry by establishing young people with a quality approach to both the Aviation industry in Australia and abroad.

We also frequently take on foreign exchange students from Europe, the Netherlands and abroad. (*Keep in mind that we have three weeks off over the Christmas break.) University, TAFE and High School Students are welcome to apply to us to complete your work experience with us.

We have are proud of our strong educational relationship and our friends from all around the globe, who hail from such courses as:

Delft University of Aerospace - The Nederlands

Ballina High School - N.S.W, Australia

Kent St High School - W.A, Australia

Please fill in the form found at the top of this page and send it to our company. This form gives us an understanding of where you are up to with your studies and how we can best utilise your skills so you are focused and prepared for the tasks ahead.

Whilst with us, students work on a wide range of the current projects underway at Hughes Engineering. From aircraft design to the aerodynamics of the Road-e Electric Car, to fuselage construction and computer analysis and design of aircraft. Please explore our websiteto find out more!

Studying with us is extremely "hands on", inventive and involves getting your hands dirty! We welcome inventive, interested and passionate minds to join our team, and work along side our dedicated crew. Check out our Instagram channel to see what's happening in the factory this week.


The Hughes Engineering Factory.


High School Aviation

Learning to fly at High School

For students fifteen years old and above there is an opportunity to get involved with flying Ultralights.

Ballina High School owns their own Australian LightWing and continued on to expanding themselves and their aircraft by starting an aero club with neighbouring schools.

The first meeting of the Aero Club was held at Ballina High School on Thursday the 19th of February 2004, the object of the exercise is to teach kids to fly.

Howard Hughes made a presentation and also offered a Junior Flying Scholarship for ten hours of flying.

Ballina High School (NSW), Kent St High School W.A. and Moruya High School (NSW) have aviation studies as part of their education curriculum.

Building aircraft at High School

Through a comprehensive and on-going education initiative, Hughes Engineering has played its part in passing on the knowledge and skills of aircraft design, manufacture and operation to those interested students in our region, interstate and overseas.

Students who have flown on to wider skies, after their first lessons at High School in The Australian LightWing:

Joshua Ferry - Commercial Flying School
Peter McCoy - RAAF
Barry Skennar - RAAF
Andrew Colledge - RAAF
Charles Jones - RAAF
Paul Dicker - RAAF
Mathew Lewis - RAAF
David Beard - Virgin Airlines


Your time with us is subject to the following conditions:

1.Your university covers you for insurance equivalent to the Workers Compensation System, please provide evidence of this. Please advise if this covers you for flying in light and / or ultralight aircraft.
2. We reserve the right to terminate your work experience after 1 week (you can still get fired) at our discretion and without reason and at any other time after this we will provide you with a written explanation.
3. Dress is neat and for normal office duties and also light industrial activities.
4. No visible body art or body piercing. For safety reasons, please remove nose piercings etc during your stay with out company.
5. Work is unpaid.
6. Hours are 7.30am to 4pm Monday - Thursday, 7.30am to 2pm Friday.
7. We reserve the right to refuse your application without reason.
8. While with us... please arrange your own method of sending and receiving Email, we do not permit the use of our office Email by Students under any circumstances at all.


Freedom Flight Australian LightWing

The Australian LightWing at Freedom Flight, Tasmania.