Australian LightWing


Howard Hughes Engineering

Post: P.O. Box 89 BALLINA,

NSW, 2478

Visit: 176 Southern Cross Drive, North Ballina, NSW

Tel: +61 (2) 6686 8658

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Connect with the ALW Community

Via Social Media:

On the Australian LightWing Youtube Channel you can find snippets of our free Aircraft DVD, Howie chats to the camera about manufacturing aircraft, and other updates to keep you in the loop with what's happening at Australian LightWing.

The ALW Facebook Page is a hub of community connection. Passionate pilots post stories and pictures of their aircraft and Hughes Engineering endeavours to keep status's to a spamming minimum, with little reposting and only updates on the days excitement, progress and activities.

Instagrams stunning platform allows Hughes Engineering to share the little details of designing and manufacturing with our dedicated followers. If you've never seen Instagram, it really is worth checking out: it's beautiful!

Pinterest is a visually satisfying picture board which allows users to bookmark pages on the www, so you can save images and information for reference at a later date. Here you can view the pictures and info from all of our social media platforms and blogs.


Via our Blogs:

The ALW Diary Page is dedicated to giving manufacturing and designing updates on aircraft currently under construction in the Factory.

Stemming from our desire to contribute to the movement towards educating and creating change about climate change, our CEO, Howie Hughes enjoys sharing his green ideas for active use or debate. Our biggest project being of course the Road-E Electric Vehicle, and you can read more about that here as well.

The Australian LightWing Complete Aircraft Database strives to really bring the community out within the LightWing Owners around the world. Here you can share journey's, photographs and aircraft histories or perhaps enquire to buy or sell LightWing aircraft. Contact Us via email or phone for information on how to contribute.

The CEO Blog is a page dedicated to the inner cerebral workings of our illustrious CEO, Howie Hughes. From rants and raves about the Australian Aviation industry to his passion for old Australian Poetry, please share and enjoy this blog.







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