Australian LightWing


Mission and Capabilities

1. Our Range: 

Consists of three aircraft types:  Low wing two and four place sports aircraft (The SP Range), High wing two and four place (The GR-912-LSA), Tandem two-seat high wing light aircraft (The PR Range) and two-seat high wing with side-by-side seating (The Sport and GR Range). 


Pictured: The Sp2000

1.1 Tandem seated. Designated the PR-582 (2-cyl 2 stroke engine) PR-912  fitted with the 4-cyl Rotax 912 (s)  MTOW 600kg.

Tandem seated Bi-Plane designation the PR-Bipe (same engine options as above). These aircraft are based on the same tooling, the fuselage is light weight welded steel with GRP fairings, the wings have an aluminium main  structure, GRP fairings and ribs make up the secondary structure.

1.2 MTOW of all our 2-seat aircraft is 600kg with the exception of the Experimentally registered aircraft, which can have a MTOW of  between 600kg and 1000kg. Side-by-side seated. The GR range of aircraft are available with either nose or tail wheel undercarriage.

The SPORT 2000 is a derivative of the GR and is fitted with a nose wheel undercarriage.

1.3 The Australian LightWing SPEED (SP2000 & SP4000- Low Wing) and GR-912-LSA (High Wing) is our current focus and major project. Twelve LightWing SP aircraft have been produced with a four seat aircraft in Western Australia. This aircraft has a higher cruise depending on the engine Hp of between 120kts and 180kts. The aircraft can carry up to 4 passengers, including the pilot, with a range of  up to  800nm. 
The aircraft will be available in a number of configurations. Kit 2-seat ultralight, manufactured kit-2 seat LSA category, 4-seat kit, 4-seat manufactured.

Please note: We are currently not focusing on any other aircraft from the Australian LightWing Range.

1.4 Business support software sales including Message on Hold and Job Costing Software


2. Other Products

Oz On Hold uses  your office computer to deliver a digitally recorded Message On Hold to your telephone system. Product is available on CD or in a solid state player unit and can also be purchased on the internet. RRP $399 units sold over past 3 years 300. Sales are expected to increase 40% p/a 2003/4/5.

Precision Costing and Payroll uses your computer to track and relate job time to staff time. Barcodes are used to identify employees and allocated jobs. Wages generation is also a feature. The program comes with an audio-visual tutorial and is loaded on the same CD as Oz On Hold. The program is also available on the internet.

1.5 CNC Motion Control systems. The Cad Cut Table developed was by The Hughes Group. 1.2 m x 3.6m cutting bed, cutting medium = Plasma, router drilling, water, laser.


3. Flight Simulation

3.1 The latest product to come from the Hughes Engineering design studios is our two Axis (Pitch and Roll) Motion Flight Simulator. Utilising ultra wide screen, video projection, a range of software pacvkages in clufing x plane, prepare 3D and Microsoft FSX, the LightWing Flight Simulator is as real as it gets, with the ability to simulate in large commecial aircraft down to flying a powered hangglider and of course the ability to fly in to and out of airports and terrain all over the world.


Australian LightWing Awards

Aviation Pioneer 2010

Best Ultralight SAAA Sun  & Fun 1994

Best Ultralight Caloundra SAAA 1993 

Best Ultralight SAAA Mangalore 1992 

Reserve Champion Natfly Narromine 1991 

Grand Champion Sports Aviation Association 1987 

Various other local and regional  industry awards, incl Friendliest Dog of the World Award